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David Yeadon's latest book in stores January 2009:


Seasons on the Beara Peninsula

Seasons on Harris by travel author David Yeadon

"David Yeadon has crafted a book as lively as a limerick...Who wouldn't want to join Yeadon in this rich Celtic stew!"

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At the Edge of Ireland, by David Yeadon

"Like H.V. Morton before him, Yeadon approaches Ireland with keen eye and ear, and most important, a great big heart... He's one of the world's most beloved travel writers."

In recent years, Ireland has enjoyed a newfound prosperity as Europe's most affluent nation. But tucked away in a far corner of the so-called "Celtic Tiger," that other enduring and authentic country—that small, hidden place of simple magic and romance—still exists. Acclaimed travel writer David Yeadon and his wife, Anne, set out to find it.

On the Beara Peninsula of southwest Ireland, the Yeadons discovered their own "little lost world," an enticing Brigadoon of soaring mountain ranges and spectacular coastal scenery, far removed from the tourist hullabaloo of Dublin, Killarney, and the Ring of Kerry. Here is the fabled "Old Ireland," alive and well with music seisuins, hooley dancers, and seanachai storytellers—a haven for searchers, healers, artists, and poets hardy enough to have braved the same narrow and winding mountain roads that keep the package-tour coaches out.

Bursting with color and life, At the Edge of Ireland is an intrepid wanderer's celebration of a magical, unspoiled, and unforgettable Éire.

"If you go all out for St. Patrick's Day you must pick up David Yeadon's At the Edge of Ireland."

"Yeadon is one of those travelers you have to admire...he has hit upon a winning formula...in this treasure chest of images that coalesce into a distinct, original sense of place and time."

"For a relaxed look at a still largely untrammeled part of Ireland, this volume of armchair travel is recommended."

"Yeadon's delightful chronicle, At the Edge of Ireland, captures the rhythm of this idyllic spot...He makes you want to pack a bag and head there and find out for yourself."

"Yeadon's beautiful artwork fills in what few imaginative holes might be left from his incisive descriptions." 

"Observant and exuberant, Yeadon will please readers musing about an adventure in the Emerald Isle."

"Yeadon offers a true sense of Ireland and its extraordinary culture in this authentic region that celebrates life's more enduring charms and values."

Also featured in Travelocity's Window Seat.

David Yeadon is the author of Seasons on Harris, Seasons in Basilicata and the bestselling National Geographic Guide to the World's Secret Places. He has written, illustrated, and designed more than twenty-five books about traveling around the world. He and his wife live in Mohegan Lake, New York.

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